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Magical sunset


Experience a magical sunset in Zadar aboard the 220 Dauntless vessel.

Experience the incredible beauty of the sunset in Zadar aboard the 220 Dauntless vessel. Enjoy the enchanting spectacle as the sun slowly disappears beyond the horizon, leaving behind a vibrant palette of colors that come alive in the sky. Cruise along the calm waters of the Adriatic Sea and witness the stunning transformation of the atmosphere as Zadar is bathed in the warm rays of the sun.

Zadar is renowned for its beautiful coastline and rich history, and the sunset here takes on a special radiance. From the 220 Dauntless boat, you have a privileged view of the picturesque horizon where the sky meets the sea, creating spectacular reflections that further enhance the mesmerizing scene.

Location and departure time

Zadar (Marina Tankerkomerc) - 19:30


2 hours

Price from:

35,00 € per person

Additional info:

The vessel is equipped with a Mercury 225 outboard engine, generating 225 horsepower, providing ample power for your needs. The fuel consumption is 1.6 liters per nautical mile. The gas tank capacity is 300 liters, and the water tank capacity is 55 liters.

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Magical sunset