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We start the morning the same way my parents and grandparents did. One dried fig and homemade rakija from medicinal herbs. It’s medicine for the soul and body. Then there is a cruise to the fishing position, which lasts from half an hour to an hour, depending on where the cast net or longline is located. After the net is lifted, cleaned and thrown back into the sea, we sail towards the nearby shoal. While you swim and enjoy the benefits of one of our jewels of the Adriatic, I will prepare brunch. A typical Dalmatian brunch consists of cheese, maybe some marinade and of course salted sardines. After we had a good time there, we will return home. When we tie up the boat, we go to my house. The choice of specialties is wide and will certainly not disappoint you. While everything is being cooked, we will enjoy a conversation alongside some fine homemade wine.
When we meet in front of the boat, you will get your diving suits, masks and fins. When we get to the diving destination, you can turn on your underwater mobile phones and cameras. After putting on your suit, we will get acquainted with underwater lamps and signaling. Then we are ready to dive into a whole new world. Simply indescribable. Diving takes between one to two hours, depending on your preferences.

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60€ for 4 hours, 100€ for 8 hours

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