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Boat St. Damian has a capacity of 100 passengers. St. Damian is a boat owned by a company of young enthusiasts from Split, Špigula Ltd, who decided to start up a project of transforming an old military craft into a modern tourist sailboat in order to improve Croatian tourist offer. Because of its superb technical adaptation, St. Damian has become more attractive than the existing tourist sailboats and it has asserted itself as an ideal product for satisfying even the most demanding tourist needs. St. Damian is particularly interesting because of its modern exterior, made of top quality materials. It provides an unforgettable sailing and entertainment experience. Spacious deck, because the width of the ship, can very easily be converted into a large dance floor. Visitors can also find refreshments in the sea through the large front hydraulic ramp.

St. Damian is a 70 feet, multi – purpose pleasure yacht, built by military, and latter renewed by new owners.
With maximum capacity of 105 persons, Cocktail bar, huge audio&DJ equipment and a dance floor in a center with tables and comfortable seats all over the decks, this boat is a perfect choice for team buildings, parties & special events, festivals following boat, weddings and birthdays, islands group bike trekking, one day swimming trips to Brač, Hvar, Šolta or around Split.
One day trip
Sail with us to the beautiful beach Krknjaši, popularly known as “Blue Lagoon” on the island of Drvenik. It is a world heritage site according to the Unesco World Heritage list.

Our blue lagoon tour from split begins with a view of Split, which can hardly be forgotten. As long as the memory lasts, we approach the Blue Lagoon at the moment. Like the tropical paradise, this enchanting lagoon has a clear turquoise sea, eternal sun, and sandy bottom.

Blue Lagoon Croatia is a paradise for divers with its hard-to-see underwater world and sandy bottom. The bay is ideal for true relaxation, surrounded by three islands with a view from all sides. Since Plava Laguna is an ideal place to explore the colorful underwater world, take advantage of your swimming and diving time.

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