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Route description
St. Ante Channel

Departure from Srima, Vodice, Tribunj or Šibenik for a half-day or full-day trip to the islands of the Šibenik archipelago.
We sail towards the Šibenik Channel of St. Ante where you will have the opportunity to see the inevitable heritage of Šibenik and two UNESCO monuments, the Cathedral of St. Jakov, which by its artistic value and uniqueness is one of the most important European monumental cathedrals, and the Fortress of St. Nicholas.

Fortress of St. Nicholas was built during the 16th century to defend the city from Turkish attacks from the sea. Erected at the entrance to a narrow, 1500 meter long canal, it became an important strategic defense structure that contributed to the inviolability of the port of Šibenik and the city of Šibenik itself. The only possible entrance to the Šibenik Bay was through the canal, which enabled effective defense and complete control of the entry of ships.

There are several other attractions in the Šibenik canal, “Hitler’s eyes”, the name for the bunker that was built in the channel Sv. Ante, through Labor Hill. This underground navigable tunnel was built during World War II, and military facilities are located nearby. This two-hole trench was used to protect torpedo ships from bombing.
Above the western entrance to Hitler’s eyes, there is a chapel built in honor of St. Anti Pustinjak (after whom the canal was named).

We continue sailing towards Zlarin and dock there.
Route description

Zlarin is known for corals where the traditional way of making famous and valuable coral jewelry is still preserved, and there is also a red coral workshop that can be visited.
It is interesting that cars are not allowed to enter, so you can carefree enjoy the pure nature, sightseeing, peace, solitude and swimming on the pebble beaches.

Tijat / Tijašnica bay

This is the most beautiful bay in the Šibenik aquatorium with crystal clear sea that flows from turquoise blue to deep blue. To make the experience complete, we will give you a mask to dive into the magical underwater world. You can use your free time for swimming, sunbathing, drinking cocktails at a nearby bar or having lunch at a restaurant.

Prvić Šepurine

The next destination is the island of Prvić, which, due to its authenticity, is under the protection of conservators.
The cobbled streets and cottages on the island will remind you of some old times because there is no traffic there. You will feel the Mediterranean atmosphere with all your senses.

We return to Srima after you have truly rested your soul and body, but got to know the historical heritage of the city of Šibenik and see the most beautiful parts of the nature of the Šibenik archipelago.

Because excursions are personalized, breaks and docks can be tailored to the wishes of individuals.

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